Introduction to Canine Conditioning

Topics covered in the course include the following:

 Canine Structure & Movement

  • Structure and angulation
  • Relationship between structure, movement & performance
  • Assignment / At Home Activity: Analyzing your dog’s structure and movement

 Canine Conditioning

  • Importance of conditioning
  • Components of a conditioning program
  • Exercises to develop body awareness
  • Exercises to increase flexibility, strength, and endurance
  • Common injuries to sport/working dogs
  • Importance of warm-up and cool downs (with examples)
  • Dealing with extreme weather (recognizing and preventing heat stroke)
  • Ongoing Assignment: Developing a conditioning program for your dog

Introduction to Canine Conditioning

"Introduction to Canine Conditioning" consists of four units of video instruction on topics related to canine conditioning. Instruction is presented in the form of digital videos, PowerPoint webcast presentations, and online multimedia resources.

Topics covered in the course cover canine struction and movement and canine conditioning.



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